esolang and esoteric repository

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This page features only programs I've written (and they all might not be here).

REVERSE repository - partialREVERSE, a REVERSE interpreter written in Python, supports arbitrary integers.
trum.rev - A truth-machine in REVERSE. Give 0 or 1 as input.
quine.rev - My first REVERSE program. :) At the time I programmed this, I had no REVERSE implemention that supported unbound integers (which are part of the language, to note). Years later I wrote partialREVERSE, and was happy to see it indeed worked perfectly.
pquine.rev - A quine with palindromic data part.
fct.rev - A Finiteless Cyclic Tag interpreter to prove REVERSE's Turing-completeness. See the Esowiki page for more info.
fib.rev - Prints Fibonacci numbers, never terminates.

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