esolang and esoteric repository

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This page features only programs I've written (and they all might not be here).

Underload repository

selfi.ul - Self-interpreter. Sort of a joke.
natural.ul - Prints the sequence of natural numbers (in unary), starting with 1.
99.ul - 99 bottles of beer.
kquine.ul - A quine.
thumor.ul - Thue-Morse sequence.
padovan.ul - A program to print the Padovan sequence, in unary.
assembly.ul - A self-assembling program. Quite interesting program type in my opinion. This program is like a quine in the sense that it makes an exact replica of itself -- but it creates the copy in memory and replaces itself with it. It doesn't print out anything, and runs infinitely, always replacing itself with itself.

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